SOLD! 1955 Westinghouse Lively Aire Fan- One of the best selling fans of all time

This fan is SOLD.

For your approval and purchase is a 1956 Westinghouse Lively Aire fan. 10 inch blade, single speed, oscillating fan. This particular model of Westinghouse was very, very popular and was one of the best-selling fans of all time as far as the American fan industry goes. This model was advertised in many popular magazines of the time, Life, Time, Newsweek and millions of the 10-LA were sold. The fan originally came in a tan or a blue color. The fan sports a very unique look with the aluminum louvers  on the top of the motor. This particular model of fan literally takes at least one extra hand to work on. Let me say the design is not tech or service friendly. The cage is a pain to remove and re-install without totally scratching up the paint, the blade is almost always frozen onto the main shaft (not sure why this is) and many think (they are completely wrong) there is no way to oil the bearings. There are two oiler ports on the top of the fan and they are just a tad hard to locate.

This particular fan was sent to me taken apart and already painted. My friend had lost interest in it and was unable to get it back together. The paint job is pretty decent.  I touched it up where it had been nicked up. The blade is aluminum and is hand polished. Take note of the deep shine and mirror like quality of the blade. The aluminum ‘foil’ label was missing when I received the fan and that is all that is missing.  All parts have been cleaned and polished, the gearbox stripped down, flushed, cleaned and repacked with fresh grease. The bearings were missing the felt wicks for lubrication and I replaced both of them. The bearings were cleaned, de-burred and polished. The blade, which was horribly out of balance has been re-clocked and balanced. The fan runs very well and is a very smooth running fan. The base and motor housing are cast aluminum and the fan retains the original rotary switch. The wiring is in perfect order and the power cord is the original.  A nice fan that will look great no matter where you decide to use it. Moves a lot more air than many 10 inch fans and is very quiet while running. Sold as is and all sales are final.

Stay cool in style with an antique or vintage fan from Pacific Time and Breeze Company.

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$65.00 plus $28.00 for ‘train wreck proof’ packing, shipping and insurance.



SOLD! Very Cute Busy B Fan 10 inch Blade, Single Speed Oscillating Fan 1930


This fan is SOLD!

Fans do not get much cuter than the Busy B’s.  These Fan’s have an abundance of style and character. These are simple fans with a very basic gearbox. This fan is a continuous oscillator. It will always be in oscillation mode. About this particular fan; it was a total nightmare to look at. The fact that it ran at all was quite amazing. I have done a total overhaul on this fan. It has been stripped to bare metal,  totally torn apart and rebuilt. The final paint color is Tropical Foliage Mist and there are four coats of the final color. The wiring has been replaced from the stator, head wiring,  power cord and the fan retains the original power switch. Note the cool matching green cloth power cord. This is NEW, old stock wiring from Signal Wire Company and dates to 1965. White Bakelite plug end from the 1930’s. The blade was so badly pitted all of the chrome plating was gone. The blade is  painted in Chrome, a lightly metallic paint. Base is cast iron, stamped steel motor housing,  gearbox is cast aluminum and all the gears have been replaced.  The original color was a nasty bluish-green. The fan runs quite well and will add a color to any spot in your home or office. Would be perfect for your kitchen or perhaps the  sewing room .  Stay cool in style with an antique or vintage fan.

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$60.00 plus $35.00 for secure, almost bomb proof packing, shipping and insurance.


SOLD! Arctic Aire 1936 8 Inch Blade Single Speed Oscillating Fan


SOLD! This fan is on it’s way to a new home.

Really nice 1936 Arctic Aire fan by F.A. Smith Company out of Rochester, New York. F.A. Smith made fans under the name Arctic Aire, Spartan, King Kool and Royal Rochester.  The F.A. Smith company is still in business producing industrial motors and fans. This is a fine, small fan that is very art deco looking and runs extremely well. One speed and the oscillation is engaged by a thumb wheel at the top of the rear motor housing cover.  A very quiet fan that has been completely serviced and gone through. Fan retains original head wiring and rotary Bakelite switch. The power cord has been replaced. The fan has been rewired from the internal stator windings. The base is cast iron, stamped steel motor housing and steel blade. New gloss black paint, automotive enamel with acrylic hardeners. These small Arctic Aire fans are  very durable, tough fans. They have a very unique look and style.  A heavy fan for the small size that moves a lot of air and will put any new, plastic fan to shame. Stay cool in style with a vintage or antique fan.

Please see general information for all that is done to any fan before it is offered for sale here.

$70.00 plus $38.00 shipping, which includes all packing, shipping, and insurance.